Laser cutting machines

TTM Laser offers a wide range of 3D tube laser cutting machines. The TTM research team focuses on integrated systems coordinated with high productivity levels, consistent over time.

We operate as our client’s partner, exceeding the logic of the most advanced supplier. The aim is to interface with the client, providing fully customised  laser cutting systems for tubes and for metal sheets.
Being a partner means providing the most effective advice on manufacturing requirements. Our engineering supply is our strong suit, which has made us leading problem solvers.

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Tube cutting machines

FL 170 3D

The new FL170 3D FIBER is the latest edition to the FL range of 3D laser cutting systems from ...


FL 300

The FL 300 is a tube laser cutting machine with 3D or 2D cutting head for the machining of ...


FL 400

The M4 series consists in systems for the processing of structural profiles and tubes with an ...

Major Features

  • 4MMS -4 Mobile Mandrels (Chucks) System

FL 600

The FL 600 machine is equipped with 3D or 2Dcutting head and is conceived for the processing ...

Major Features

  • 4 MMS -Mobile Mandrels (chucks) System
  • Manipulators for tube loading and unloading
  • Automatic unloading system with chains

FL 800

FL 800 3D can load tubes up to 18 meters and it is equipped with a 4-mandrels system which ...

Major Features

  • 4 MMS - Mobile Mandrels ( chucks) System
  • Sphera

Flat cutting machines


It is a single portal machine equipped with focusing optics with 3 controlled axes for the 2D ...

Major Features

  • Sheet metal storage
  • Portal Unit
  • Hopper