The Latest Addition to the Range is already a Success – FL 170 3D Fiber

FL170 3D Fiber is the new model of 3D tube laser cutting systems from TTM Laser equipped with fiber laser with which the company reaffirms its role as a privileged partner able to meet the needs of any customer.


FL170 3D Fiber is the final piece in the 3D TTM range of tube laser cutting systems. A machine equipped as standard with a high brilliance laser source and a 3D cutting head, a combination that makes it suitable to process any type of material including highly reflective ones, such as copper, aluminum and brass round, square or open-section tubes. FL170 3D Fiber combines high productivity and flexibility with low consumption and low operating and maintenance costs typical of solid state lasers.


Top performances

The system is equipped with 21 controlled axes, including the automatic tube loader with a length from 6.5 to 12.5m and the unloading system, which is automated for tube sections with a length between 2 and 6 m. The load capacity ranges from 12 to 168 mm in diameter in the case of round tubes or from 15 x 15 to 120 x 120 mm for square-section ones. The 150 m/min linear speed of the two fitted spindle makes it a particularly high performing tube-cutting system. FL170 3D Fiber once again shows how TTM Laser, thanks to its expertise in laser technology and its applications in the field of cutting and welding, is a privileged partner able to offer products and meet the needs of any customer.

In the new site

The new FL170 3D Fiber system, however, is only the latest in a series of important changes that have been characterizing the activities and work of TTM Laser since last year. During this year also two new cutting machines with CO2 lasers and plan FIBER respectively with working range 3 x 6 m and 5 x 25 m, both equipped with standard 3D cutting heads will be inaugurated. And there is more. By the end of this year, all the activities of the Castellini Group will be transferred to the new TEZE production site. This way, Castellini, TTM Laser and Laserway will be located in the new 21,000 m2 plant. The building is entirely constructed in steel with parts cut mainly using TTM machinery.




This new establishment will make it possible to implement an even better reorganization of the activities and to allot spaces inside the structure for Research & Development. Laser welding machines will also be available in view of being ever closer and attentive to the needs of the customers. The new site will give the entire Castellini Group an image, which up until today was not possible due to lack of space. A more appealing image which is more fitting and inline with the level of technological innovation which characterizes the business of each company, with TTM Laser at the head. “We need to organize ourselves to be ready to make the most of the future opportunities which the market offers” affirms Fiorenzo Castellini, Chairman of the Group. “It was important for us in the first 10 years to create a brand, to develop the technology we have and to form a large, innovative and enviable product range. But the time has now come to further fortify this brand with a prestigious site which demonstrates the technological concepts linked to the structural tube we have been proclaiming for a long time”.




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